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Let Grace Carry You Through Difficult Times | 3HO Summer Solstice 2017 Class Series

Miss out on Summer Solstice this Year? Wish you could have gone? Here is your chance to experience it!

Please come join us for this multi-class series where we will be listening to live recordings of select classes from the 2017 3HO Summer Solstice!

This second week of our series, we will be listening to Prabhu Nam Kaur (Sntatam Kaur’s mother). Prabhu Nam is an accomplished musician and yogi. The title of the class is “Let Grace Carry You Through Difficult Times”.

“One of the gifts of Gurbani is that whenever you apply it to any situation, you see that situation in a broader light.
Instead of only the difficulty (real as it is), you come to see the challenge presented and the opportunity for growth. This
allows for the emergence of the Guru’s Grace, which ultimately carries you through. We will study and sing the shabad,
Aukhee Gharee Na Daykhan Dayee, that so eloquently illustrates this transformation.”

This week’s class will be held on a special day and time; Wednesday August 16th at 6:30pm. Cost is $10

It’s located in the Avenues, Salt Lake City, Utah
Please call or text for the address.

Sut Nam and see you there!

Amanjot Kaur & Singh