Kundalini Yoga Events

Kundalini Yoga, Meditation & Gong Relaxation
Fall Series 2019 at East High School

Kundalini Yoga is known as the yoga of awareness. It is a journey, practice and science that connects you with your deepest Self, your Soul. We incorporate ancient yogic technologies including yoga postures, meditation, pranayama (breath work) & mantra, to improve the quality of our lives; It is a self liberation! These tools will empower you to cultivate compassion and stability even during life’s most challenging circumstances. A gong will be played during relaxation at each class.

Instructors: Raj Giandeep Singh

East High School
840 S 1300 E
Salt Lake City, UT 84102

Sept. 12 – Nov. 7.
(No class Oct. 17.)
Thursdays 5:45 pm – 7:15 pm
Cost: $65 for the series

The Mah Bound Lotus Experience

Bound Lotus, also know as psychic union pose, has it’s root in Kundalini, Ashtanga, and Hatha Yoga. Bound lotus is a restorative posture that engages the entire body by binding it into the symbol of infinity. The legs are in full lotus. The arms crossed behind the back. The hands hold onto the toes. The forehead comes to the ground. Like many yogic postures held for an extended period of time, Bound Lotus allows our body & mind to merge into the spirit realm — where all healing becomes possible.

“Mah Bound Lotus makes a person strong like iron on the inside & radiant like the sun on the outside. When a person masters Bound Lotus, they have the capacity to change a person and their environments.” ~ Yogi Bhajan

No previous experience necessary. Suitable for beginners & long time yoga practitioners alike. Will show many ways to modify the posture so you can get the benefits of the Mah Bound Lotus.

Benefits of Bound Lotus include:

  • Enhances physical flexibility – ankles, knees, legs & spine gain increased mobility.
  • Open the shoulders & hips.
  • Improves digestion – internal organs are in fetal position of rest, allowing the rejuvenation of the digestive system.
  • Strengthens the nervous and immune systems.
  • Clears & opens the Chakras.
  • Releases karmic obstacles, negative tendencies & emotions.
  • Develops the state of Shuniya, the divine state of stillness; Anand, supreme bliss; and Samadhi, awakened consciousness.

Instructor: Raj Giandeep Singh

Dancing Cranes Imports
673 East Simpson Avenue Salt Lake City, UT 84106
United States

Saturday, Sep 21
2:00 pm – 4:30 pm
Cost: $25 in advance
$30 day of